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The key services Majenda provides are as follows:

  • Financial advice and implementation
  • Portfolio management and monitoring
  • Insurance broking - life, trauma, critical illness and income protection
  • Tax advice and tax planning
  • Creation of investments structures such as Family Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)
  • Preparation of financial statements and annual tax returns
  • BAS return preparation

It is often said that tax accountants focus on the past and financial advisers focus on the future.  At Majenda we are able to focus on both!

In Australia, most of us recognise the need for us all to pay our fair share of tax.  However, there are various methods of legally reducing your annual tax bill and, in some cases, approaches that are actively encouraged by the government.  Superannuation is a great example of a tax effective way to invest and save for the future that is fully supported and endorsed by the government.  Buying a motor vehicle using "salary sacrifice" funding from your salary package is another common approach to tax planning that is well established.  Family trusts are also used by many Australians to provide income and capital on a tax effective basis for future generations.

Majenda is familiar with the full range of allowable deductions, government co-contributions, tax offsets and tax rebates.  Majenda actively recommends tax planning strategies to clients and integrates those strategies with the client's investment strategies.




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The seminars have concluded for this year.