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Self-managed super

Superannuation is a tax-effective and flexible way to build wealth for retirement. If you already have reasonable retirement savings, a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) may be the best way for you to continue building your wealth.

In our view, the term "self managed" is a little misleading in that most investors who control an SMSF don't actually run the fund themselves.  In many cases, investors use professional managers and advisers such as Majenda to assist them with the management and administration of their "personal superannuation fund".  The trustees / fund members clearly have an important role in defining the investment strategy of their fund and ensuring that legal compliance requirements are met.  However, most of the day to day activities can be handled by professionals.

The big advantage of using professionals like Majenda is "peace of mind".  Trustees / members can simply review the progress of their personal super fund investments on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis and update the investment strategy of the fund where necessary.

Majenda can advise you on whether a personal super fund suits your circumstances and can establish one for you. All members of personal super fund are trustees or directors of a trustee company and we can provide the resources and education to assist you with meeting your obligations.

We can advise on and arrange the right type and amount of insurance for fund members, taking into account their financial circumstances and other insurance that you might already have in place.

Majenda provides advice and works with you to manage the investment of the funds within a personal super fund, focusing on your objectives and overall financial strategy while making sure the administrative obligations of the fund are met. Your fund’s position and performance is reported to you regularly along with all the other components of your financial strategy, and you can access required information online at any time.

Majenda advisers have many years of experience helping people with personal super funds and operate portfolios of $200,000 to over $3 million.


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