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tax planning 

What is a reasonable investment return? 

During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), many investors were disappointed with their investment returns.  Were those investors taking too much risk?  Did they realise that chasing higher returns can result in short term losses?  In this article we explain the typical long term returns investors can expect and how to achieve those returns ... read more

transition planning 

The facts about fees and charges

There are typically multiple layers of fees in relation to financial services and financial products.  To obtain value for money you need to know what services you are paying for and how much you are being charged ... read more

superannuation planning 

Finding a good adviser

A good financial adviser is someone who understands your personal and financial circumstances and is able to provide impartial advice that is in your best interests ... read more

Article Four 

Tax planning for 2015

Tax planning should not begin a few days before the end of the financial year on 30 June.  Tax planning should commence months in advance and should be based on an understanding of your current financial circumstances and what sort of strategies can be employed to minimise your tax ... read more


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