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What is Majenda?

Majenda is an integrated financial and tax services business. We offer financial planning advice and implementation, insurance, accounting, tax and business services.

Geoff Taylor trading as Majenda Global is an Authorised Representative of the Australian dealer group RGM Financial Services Pty Ltd, AFSL 225 074.  Majenda Global provides financial, superannuation and insurance services.

Majenda Online Pty Ltd is a CPA Practice and a Registered Tax Agent (728 17 015) and provides accounting, tax and business services.

What is Majenda's Investment Philosophy

Most large financial services firms will say that their investment philosophy is focussed on "tailoring investments to client's unique goals and circumstances".  That is certainly a good place to start.  But what about investment returns and what about the cost of investing?

The financial services industry typically takes a "direct" investment such as BHP and then wrap layer upon layer of supposed value around that investment.  First there is the managed fund which holds and manages the investments.  Then there is a platform so the adviser can manage individual investments in managed funds and client can review how their investments are performing.  Finally, there is the advisor's fee, which can be up to 1.1% of the investment portfolio.  The underlying investment is still the same, but there are three layers of services (and fees!) on top of it.  None of the additional layers actually change the performance of the underlying investment.

Majenda's basic investment philosophy is to "go direct" wherever possible and for the investment adviser to do what they are supposed to do, which is managing and monitoring the client's portfolio.  When we say "go direct" we mean buy shares in companies like BHP and Commonwealth Bank and then hold them for as long as the companies continue to meet the client's performance requirements.  In some cases, that may involve holding some stocks from one generation to the next.  Going direct can equally apply to bonds, term deposits and a range of investments. 

What makes Majenda different to anyone else? 

1. Independent: we are not aligned with any product providers or manufacturers.  We are able to recommend a wide variety of investment products and we ensure that every product we recommend is suitable for our clients.

2. Value: we focus on maximising investment returns and minimising costs.  By investing in "direct" investments wherever possible and using cost effective investment platforms or investment vehicles, we are able to offer better value for money than many of our competitors.

3. Integrated services: Understanding a client's tax position provides insights into how they can structure their investments and superannuation.  Because our advisers are dual qualified in tax and financial planning they are able to take a holistic approach when analysing a client's situation and proactivly make recommendations to improve a client's sitaution or reduce their exposure to known risks.   

4. Proactive: Many financial advisers are reactive and wait to be asked to do something.  Even then, some planners are slow to react.  Our firm takes a different view and aims to be one step ahead of the client might request.

5. Personalised service: Many of our clients tell us that they trust our judgement and appreciate our personalised service.  We are a relatively small organisation, which allows us to be acutely aware of client needs and therefore responsive to those needs. 

What types of clients is Majenda targeting?

Majenda's clients include, airline pilots, project managers, IT contractors and managers, senior public servants, general managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors and retirees.

We are mainly focussed on assisting individuals with managing their superannuation and tax.  We look after clients with superannaution balances of as little as $20,000 (mostly via the Colonial superannuation platform) and assist clients with managing portfolios in the millions.  Where a client has more than $200,000 in superannuation, we would typically suggest they consider using a Personal Superannuation Fund (SMSF) as there are significant advantages in terms of cost savings, flexibility and the ability to build a portfolio that is specifically tailored to the client's needs.

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